Bookkeeping and Payroll

A good accounting service can make the difference between success or failure in your company.

Our accounting services

• Reconcile checking and credit card accounts with it financial institution statement each month for proper account balance and to identify any errors. We will make correcting entries directly to and identify the source of each adjustment. We will tell you of these adjustments and make you aware of any corrections.
• Review, analyze and reconcile general ledger accounts for accuracy and confer with you regarding any items not fully understood.
• Prepare and record all necessary journal entries to reflect correct accounting records.
• Prepare and present Financial Statements (Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Reconciliation Statements).
• Review Sales Journal and prepare Sales Tax Returns (if applicable).
• Process your Payroll and make the necessary direct deposits to your employees and or contractors (when applicable).
• Review and reconcile Payroll records.
• Prepare Employment Tax Returns.
• Prepare and process Forms W2 and W3 at the beginning of the next year.
• Prepare and process Forms 1099 and 1096.
• Prepare and process Form 571 L (annual County Business Property Tax)
• Prepare Year-end Tax Return.


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