Credit Solutions Program

Individual Credit Solution Program

Your credit history can open or close doors when it comes to obtaining a job, opening a bank account and most importantly, buying the house of your dreams.
Did you know that:
    • There are three credit reporting agencies?
    • If a loan is denied, you have the right to get a recent copy of your credit report?
    • Once a year you can request a copy of your credit history?
    • There could be errors in your credit report that need resolution?
    • You can monitor your credit cards?
    • Lack of knowledge in managing the budget can lead to bankruptcy.
    • Not all credit cards are appropriate, it is important to know the charges, interest rates, periodic rate, cost per membership, rewards, grace period, and other financing fees.
    • You can get forgiveness for some types of debt, such as student loans.
We offer Financial Education as part of our Credit Solution program.
For Our team of experts, it will be a pleasure to educate you on these issues and to help you build a better future for you and your family.


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