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Looking for the right medical plan?
Did you know:

  • That you have the right to review your Medicare  coverage and make the corresponding changes.
  •  Regardless of your age or medical condition there  is an insurance plan for you. 
  •  It is important to know the co-payment,  deductibles and additional premiums before  choosing health insurance.
  • Not having health insurance increases the risk of  premature death. According to a recent Harvard  study: “Lack of health insurance causes an  additional 45,000 deaths each year in the United  States. Not having medical coverage kills an  American every 12 minutes. The risk of death  increases by 40% due to the lack of a medical  policy.
Protect your family, protect your health,
protect your life!
Stop walking on a tightrope.
Not having health insurance or having the wrong insurance can be a big risk.
Enrolling in the right medical plan can be as simple as calling right now at 1 407-201-7988
Our team of experts will help you compare costs and services so that you select the right plan.


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