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We offer multiples services to help your company grow. 

Sole Proprietorship

One of the most simplest and flexible forms of doing business.

Not for Profit (501c3)

Obtaining an IRS tax exempt status for your organization can offer several benefits.

Limited Liability Company

Personal protection may not be possible and taxation can be quite burdensome.


The guaranteed protection on the personal assets of its shareholders is an attractive reason to choose to incorporate.

DBA, LLC, INC or 501c3? Which one is right for you?

Choosing the right business structure is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.

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Profesional corporation?
Sole Proprietorship?
Professional Association?
Whether you've received an IRS letter or you're a first-time tax filer, we can guide you to the right support.

We guide your new business creation

Our specialists have incorporated thousands of businesses just like yours. They can walk you through the entire process by phone and answer any questions you have.

Whether you need to connect with a lawyer, create legal documents for your business, or need help staying compliant, we’re here to help your business grow.

Authorization and Certification

New Business Startup Guide

Follow the ten easy steps:

1. Name your business

2. Select a business Structure

3. Federal Tax ID

4. Choose Proper Tax Treatment

5. Open Bank Account

6. Permits

7. Business Insurance

8. DUNS Number

9. Business Credit

1o. Trademark

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darlene miranda
darlene miranda
I would leave no stars if I could. The communication is HORRIBLE. I mean HORRIBLE. If you want your tax preparation people to actually answer questions and give you updates do NOT do it with them. I went about almost a month ago to file. I emailed and called to have someone call me to ask questions the same day I went and NO CALL EVER. Still no call at all three weeks later. It’s horrendous. I understand 1-2 days but three weeks??? This is important stuff, taxes is not a game. If something is taking a little longer than expected, maybe try communicating with me??? I’d appreciate that a lot. Continued to call them a couple more times and emailed, my DAD even asked to receive updates on my taxes and nobody called him. We will not be doing are taxes here ever again.
Alexis Cigales
Alexis Cigales
Great service
Yaschira Jurado
Yaschira Jurado
Excelente servicio !!!
p rohlf
p rohlf
My wife and I had the pleasure of working with Farah and other staff members at Fail Safe over the last year and they are exceptional. They came highly recommended to us by a close friend and I'm so glad that we got in touch with them. Over the last few years I had been doing a complicated mixture of full-time and part-time consulting work in the IT industry and on top of that, my twins began their first year of college. Fail Safe not only helped us with the past year's tax submission, but Farah informed me that I had setup my LLC incorrectly and that I had created an unfair tax liability for myself and my family. She not only got this LLC issue rectified, but she also reviewed my past three tax returns and found mistakes that cost me refunds that I was entitled too. Fail Safe resubmitted updated returns for those past years and I successfully received those refunds from the IRS. There's nothing like having an accounting company that really knows what they're doing. I highly recommend Farah and the other friendly, knowledgeable staff members at Fail Safe Accounting. I wish that we would have started working with them years ago.
Robert Lesch
Robert Lesch
Exelentes muy buenas personas lo recomenderia 100 %
Maria jovita Suarez
Maria jovita Suarez
I had the pleasure of meeting and doing business with Farah and the staff at Fail Safe Accounting LLC . They were very professional and knowledgeable, they answered all my questions and concerns. I would definitely recommend their business to anyone looking to file their taxes or just in need of a professional accountant.
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